Cultural Center

Conceptual project of the social and leisure center
The cultural center is located on a complex site, which determines its shape and style. It is designed for leisure activities of residents of the adjacent microdistrict and is filled with various functions of a social, creative and wellness orientation.
The building has a high ground floor with perimeter glazing, which indicates a public function. On the upper floors, the protruding volume in contrasting light finish serves to increase the usable area of the object in a strictly limited building area.
The planning solution of the building implies the possibility of using the halls of the upper floors as common recreational spaces due to the light lamp in the roof and holes in the ceilings. On the ground floor there is an entrance group and an administrative area, as well as a cafe with a terrace. On the second floor there is a wellness area with a gym and a conference room. On the third floor, an educational center with access to the terrace, and creative workshops are supposed.
The educational center is a library, reading room and coworking. The universal hall can be used for lectures, concerts and other social events. Both spaces have access to landscaped terraces, which offer beautiful views of the surroundings.
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