DN House

Country house in modern style
The DN house project turned out to be just that because of the peculiarities of the landscape and our desire for clear, dynamic architecture. The plot is located on a terrain with large drops, rich in vegetation and is excellent for countryside recreation. We enter the territory in the highest part of it, then move along the house to the forest in the lowland. The covered gallery connects to the house by hanging over the retaining wall in such a way that a passage from under it. At the end of the terrace, a new lowering of the relief begins towards the forest stream. A console appeared here, on which you can equip a resting place around the hearth.
DN house is oriented by three terraces towards the forest and the cliff with a stream. This makes it possible to immerse yourself in nature in a comfortable environment. Here you can receive guests at a large table on the kitchen terrace, do morning yoga on the second floor terrace and watch the starry sky on the cantilever terrace under the crackle of a fire and the sound of water. Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows open up a view of the sky and forest, fill the interior space with light. They blur the lines between street and home. It is easier for the inhabitants of this house to relax and gain strength, drawing energy from nature.
The project of the country house DN house includes the volume of the first floor with a kitchen-dining room-living room and a guest bedroom, it has access to the terrace and is lined with red aged bricks. The second floor is finished with a light wooden ploughshare, it accommodates three bedrooms, from the main one you can get to the exploited roof over the terrace. The additional volume consists of a covered gallery and garage, which are lined with dark gray metal. In a complex with a fence, they are a buffer zone between the driveway and the site.
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