The concept of temporary object "Petol"
The concept of temporary object "Petol" assumes simplicity of production and ease of installation. Pre-cut production blanks of cross-laminated wood panels (CLT) are brought and mounted at the location. The project requires 14.3 cubic meters of such panels. In addition, a partial inclusion of a welded frame of metal pipes will be required to strengthen the structure.
The territory is evenly filled with "ruins", "new construction 1" and "new construction 2". All three elements are parts of one whole and are able to develop in our imagination into a full-fledged house. Creating such a form can invite attention to the problem of destruction of one of the remaining salt houses in the Sechovle-Salina nature Park.

To the missing ruins the elements form a symbolic protective sceleton and this resembles a petola. The ruins, combined with new designs, form the image of a solid structure, now lost.
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