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Townhouse Interior
This interior of a four-story townhouse in a modern style for a family with two children contains a lot of unique author's solutions. The color scheme consists of restrained tones with the addition of minimal accents and bright details. The kitchen has a specially designed set and sideboards. A..
The basement consists of a relaxation room, a dressing room with a shower and a sauna. The ceiling in the restroom had to be done extremely low due to the position of the wooden load-bearing beams, so it was decided to organize dark niches where possible. Such a solution visually makes the room higher and allows you to organize interesting lighting.
The second floor consists of two women's bedrooms and a bathroom between them. The premises are interesting for existing bay windows, which organically complement the laconic interior. The third floor - attic, includes two men's bedrooms and a shower room between them. Specially designed for children, a ceiling lamp with a rhombic lathing has been developed.
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