Multi-level garage for a community of outdoor enthusiasts
The three-level garage with an elevator for cars has a unique space-planning solution that allows you to accommodate all the necessary equipment, distribute it according to the seasons and actively use it. At the same time, there remains a place for relaxation and men's garage gatherings. The building has a monolithic frame with foam block fillings. The first level is decorated with red brick, and the upper - with sandstone. The style is determined by the appearance of adjacent buildings.
The spatial organization of the interior is simple. The first level with the second light is designed for entry and parking of the equipment used. To carry out its loading on a trailer under the ceiling there is a beam with an electric hoist. With the help of a car elevator, you can place the equipment in storage at zero level until the onset of the season. On the third floor, where the stairs lead, there is a place for relaxation and communication of like-minded friends with a bar and lounge area, dressing room and toilet. The project has two supply options: in one of them the main material is brick, in the other - concrete.
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