Showroom ITALON

Project of showroom for Italon company
A modern showroom is similar to a museum-temple, by entering which it is possible to find answers to your requests. The inner space is organized simply, but filled with meanings. Two white stripes of the exhibition stands, like two bright paths, cut into the black fabric of the cosmos-universe. In the center of the whole pillar of light falling on the table and reception. The play of white and black, light and shadow create an alluring effect of mystery.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art

It is proposed to create a concise space with a dynamic system of stands of the same type, where all samples will be located clearly and orderly. When there is nothing superfluous, nothing interferes with the perception of a particular ceramic model. It is not enough to create a simple functional space, the process of choosing a tile should become a sacred rite.

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