KLIN House

Harmony of opposites
The great division is yin and yang. Harmony of two opposites. Warm, dark volume combined with light cold volume create a laconic modern object. Two-storey house with a total area of 115 sq.m. with an open terrace 38 sq.m. accommodates a double-height space of a kitchen-dining room-living room and two bedrooms on each floor.
Cross-bonded slabs (CLT) as load-bearing walls and slabs ensure fast installation and environmental friendliness. Subsequently, we get the surface of the floors and walls, which does not require additional finishing.

The project has implemented a hidden tab of the power wiring along the facade in insulation and decorative open-type wiring for lighting. Outside, the house is insulated with mineral wool slabs. From the side of the road, it is sheathed with metal profiled sheet, from the yard - with edged board. The house is supposed to be heated with electric convectors and a wood-burning stove.
Panoramic windows open onto the terrace and courtyard, combining the interior space of the house with the plot. KLIN HOUSE is suitable for both short weekend trips and year-round living.

This is a continuation of the history of wooden housing construction from WE ARCHITECTS. House YINYANG, winner of the Exteria Award 2018 and the German Design Award 2021, included in the TOP50 Archdaily & Strelka and TOP30 completed objects of private architecture according to the magazine PROJECTRUSSIA, as if teleported to another location.

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