KOT interior

One-bedroom apartment in a modern style with a kitchen-dining room-living room
One-bedroom apartment in a modern style with a kitchen-dining room-living room-an example of a practical and confident design. In this solution, compactness is combined with functionality and ergonomics.
The designation of functional areas with various finishes is not a new technique, but appropriate. The absence of a door and a lower ceiling, where communications are hidden, combine the kitchen with the hall, adding air to all rooms.

The living room, which allows everyone to gather for watching a movie or playing board games, is always necessary, regardless of the size of the apartment. Simple organization of space and restrained tones, this is the key to calm and comfort.
In the main bedroom, a large amount of natural light comes in through stained glass, behind which there is also a French balcony. The relaxation area with a coffee table for two is visually separated by pylons. Two storage areas and a separate place for work or a toilet are compactly built into the room. The bedroom space has several scenarios of artificial lighting.
A bedroom with a sofa bed in beige pastel shades is an example of a simple and functional organization of space in natural materials and textures. In a small area there are sleeping, resting, working and storage areas. The floor-to-ceiling mirror makes the room lighter and visually increases the space, and thin metal elements of gold color add gloss to the interior.
A spacious washroom with natural light and an island bath makes every trip a real pleasure. The adoption of water procedures in such a space contributes to the speedy recovery of forces. All storage is hidden in a modern cabinet and fitted wardrobes. They found a place for a washing machine. Here, dreams come true about taking a bath with a glass of red wine while watching your favorite series.
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