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Contemporary interior of a duplex apartment
The two-level apartment in the spirit of minimalism for a family with children contains many original solutions and works of the best European designers. We tried to create a bright, comfortable and modern space. For this, it was necessary to design and coordinate new openings in the load-bearing walls.
The interior is built on contrasts and details, its nobility is emphasized by natural materials and finishes made of wood, natural stone in combination with a light or dark background, decorative plasters.
The core of the apartment is an internal staircase. Its wooden steps seem to float in the air thanks to the alternation with light elements in the decoration of white marble. All-glass railings maintain the desired level of lightness. The dark finish of the cabinets in the hallway favorably sets off the staircase, which also contains several types of storage areas. The lighting solution, combined with the mirror finish on the second level of the staircase, creates a unique expanded space that changes with the lighting.

The kitchen dining room is clearly divided into two parts with different types of finishes and a light beam passing through the floor, walls and ceiling. The island in combination with the bar counter also supports zoning. A feature of this space is several lighting modes of different temperatures.
Mirrors deserve special attention. In this apartment, they are uncompromising and are perceived as portals to additional space. If a mirror appears, then it occupies a wall or a niche completely. There are such mirrors in the hallway, shower room, bathroom, master bedroom, master bathroom, stairs and in the nursery.

The project uses several types of doors. The two sliding canvases in wood trim from floor to ceiling are more like walls, they attract attention by contrasting with the white background and link all wood in one story. Other canvases, on the contrary, are as invisible as possible - they are finished together with the walls.
Bedrooms, like their occupants, are all very different. The master bedroom is a combination of light and dark, brutal and sophisticated, masculine and feminine.
One for the nursery is gentle and calm with cute accessories and intricate lamps.
Another children's room is a bit cosmic, fabulous with a hanging chair and an original lighting solution.
The third nursery is serious, businesslike with its own exit to the balcony and a secret bathroom behind the closet.
Each bedroom has its own unique washroom. The master bathroom is an interweaving of two ribbons, one made of marble, the other made of wood. Here the lavatory and washroom areas are naturally separated. The girl's children's bathroom is decorated with pleasant colored tiles, and a large number of lights enliven the space even more. Another children's bathroom is brutal, it is for a boy, part of the walls here are in porcelain stoneware with a metal effect with an unusual color. White plumbing looks even brighter when combined with darker finishes. The ceilings in the bathrooms are multi-level with niches, which allows you to build a special lighting system, creates a play of spaces and chiaroscuro.

This modern interior provides a comfortable place for each family member, calm colors combined with a variety of textures and materials make life in it pleasant. Author's solutions in furniture, decoration and lighting create an atmosphere that will not get bored over time.
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