Project of the station Biryulevskaya line
Moscow metro

The interior design concept for Klenovy Boulevard 2 metro station was completed as part of an international competition (https://design-metro.ru/en) in a consortium with the Alllevels architectural and engineering bureau (https://www.alllevels.ru/). This shallow underground station has a typical solution of capital structures and one island platform with one row of columns.

Maple Boulevard 2 is the working name for the transfer station. It is part of the interchange hub that connects the Great Circle Line and the promising Biryulevskaya branch of the Moscow Metro. The object improves the transport situation in the Nagatinsky Zaton area and provides the necessary connectivity between the Kuryanovo and Biryulyovo districts, as well as convenient access to the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve.

The new station will be located in the Nagatinsky Zaton area. The Moscow River with its infrastructure creates a special place spirit here. It is no coincidence that the strip of the river is depicted on the coat of arms of the district, and on both sides of it are symbols of the rich history of this territory. The interior concept is based on a winding river, flooded with light, which forms two banks.

In nature, one bank of the river is sloping and the other gently sloping, which is why in the spring they thaw unevenly. The combination of white and copper finishes reflects this thaw. The columns streamlined by the "river" received a round shape. Some of them have a wide base, forming convenient places for waiting for the train. This technique is reminiscent of the architecture of the massive supports of the dam with the locks of the Perervinsky waterworks located nearby.

New construction in the capital is always associated with a historical context. In the seventeenth century, here, on the territory of the village of Kolomenskoye, one important event took place. From the tragedy of the Copper Riot, modern society needs to learn a valuable lesson on the need for mutual understanding and the ability to come to an agreement to avoid shocks. The use of copper-imitation finishes will allow the station to be a memorial to this episode of Russian history.

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