Carousel ecopark Yasnopole
When we are in a natural area with a rich landscape, we inevitably turn around Kseby to fully observe the beauty of nature. Therefore, the comprehension of our bench began with the action of rotation around its axis. You can imagine a moment when you are spinning in the field, and then you fall into the grass, hiding from everyone, looking towards the sky. At this moment you feel alone whole with nature, feed on its energy, renew.
There is another side to our life. Bustling metropolis with furious rhythm, our eyes are fixed on the screen of the gadget. And how many times a day do we refresh the browser page? It will be difficult to calculate. And this happens day by day, it seems, endlessly. We are in a hurry everywhere and nowhere in time. Reflections on the topic of so different components of our life, which moves in a circle and pushed us to create the Ouroboros bench.

Ouroboros is a tree snake catching its tail. It whirls in place, like an arrow refreshing a browser, and only in nature our "device" is connected to the "network".
The object is made of wood (timber and planks), mounted on a specially prepared carousel base from metal structures and is intended for sitting inside and out, for circling and surveying the surroundings.
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