Fusion style apartment interior
In working on this interior, the main task was to create a modern, harmonious and bright apartment space for a family with two children. The peculiarity was the presence of load-bearing beams, they were distinguished by natural veneer. The interior turned out many surfaces in wood, stone. Such textures are pleasing to the eye and hands, they are modern and create coziness.
The space of the kitchen from the living room is visually separated by a veneered beam and a countertop with a hob and an extract hood above it. On a white background of walls and kitchen facades, colored accents of furniture upholstery and curtains are noticeable. It turns out a living space where the whole family gathers at the table.
The bedroom is small, so it was necessary to introduce the bed into the storage area. The main emphasis here is the wall in the decoration of turquoise 3D panels. This room, like the entire interior, is built on a combination of white, wooden finishes and elements of bright colors, as well as details that are dear to the customer's family.
In the children's playroom and bedroom, in the hallway, we have specially-designed furniture of individual manufacture. In the sleep zone for children there is a wall on which you can draw with water markers, and in the game room there is a sports town. These spaces allow children to actively develop and feel comfortable.
The bathroom and shower are very compact. They are decorated with a combination of white and contrasting bright colors, turquoise in one case and coral in another. Such combinations are pleasing to the eye and improve mood.
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