Project proposal for the development concept of the Vologda River Embankment
The river is the most important city-forming natural object, one of the compositional axes of the city, significantly affecting the formation of its planning structure.

The general development trend of modern cities is to transform the historical role of the river. If during periods of intensive development of productive forces the main function of the river is the industrial transport artery, then at the present stage the leading functions of the rivers are microclimatic (ecological corridor of the city), health, aesthetic and tourist, while maintaining environmentally friendly transport

In connection with the change in the function of the river, the functional zones of the coastal territories are also being transformed: industrial and port functions are being reduced, residential, public and tourist-recreational zones are expanding in these territories. This trend is fully characteristic of the embankments of the Vologda River.

The development of the territory of the city and the increase in the class of tourist services will increase the role of the river as an urban artery, contribute to the emergence of new connections and tourist routes on the water near it.

One of the urgent tasks of the project proposal is to ensure access for Vologda residents and guests of the city to the water area of the river along with its organization of convenient connections of the coastal strip with the historical center and the nearest residential areas of the city. This is in full compliance with clause 8, article 6 of the new Water Code of the Russian Federation.

The river, presented, not as a hindrance, dividing the city and hampering communication, but rather, as an element of a connecting urban fabric from the position of a city dweller and tourist. Such an understanding of the river forms a different attitude to the coastal territory, creates a lot of conditions for social interaction and many prerequisites for the development of various activities.

The river and its embankments should be the most important part of the development concept of the city of Vologda for many years to come.
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