Modern guest house
The modern guest house. Total area - 600 square meters, which in the future can easily become the main one.
It formed into a dynamic combination of two volumes, buried and separated by parapets. Such a solution not only adds artistic expressiveness, but also allows you to protect the terraces that are located on each floor and connect the house with the courtyard from rainfall. The combination of light and dark plaster on the facades visually enhances the versatility. A double four-car garage in dark brown trim balances the composition .
There is an optimal set of rooms inside this villa. A second light above the spacious dining-living room adds aesthetics and natural light to meet friends or family dinners. The office provides an opportunity to retire in thought. The sauna area with a font and a relaxation room allows you to relax and restore strength. Three bedrooms will accommodate everyone, and living quarters for staff with a separate entrance will provide the house with care and supervision.

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