The conceptual design of the district in the city of Ust-Kut, Irkutsk Region

The conceptual design of the district in the city of Ust-Kut, Irkutsk Region, is two residential areas strung on the central core of the community center and the pedestrian-transport network, as the city itself is strung on the riverbed. In the center are a school, two kindergartens, a clinic and two multifunctional centers. Three types of buildings have been introduced into the structure of the microdistrict: sectional closed type with courtyards, sectional open type and town houses with their own plots. They are located in three radii of remoteness from the community center. On the ground floors of residential complexes are shops and other commercial facilities for social services.
Yards in the projected area can be classified into three types of accessibility. Semi-private courtyards-wells are located inside closed quarters with buildings of 4-6 floors near the public core of the microdistrict.
Semi-public courtyards are formed by the second type of sectional development of 4-6 floors with parking and minimal infrastructure elements on the first floors. Part of their territory serves as a transit to more remote parts of the microdistrict.

Private - individual courtyards of residents of two-story townhouses with an exploited roof. Such houses are located in remote parts of the microdistrict along the borders of the design territory.
The neighborhoods have integrated playgrounds, dog walking areas and sports facilities. The use of varying degrees of protection of spaces allows you to create the most comfortable living environment in the entire design area.

The solution of the facades of the main types of buildings involves the division into two parts. The lower floors are a public area with shops, a large glazing front and high ceilings. The upper part - living quarters with two types of windows. The entire volume is made in red brick from local materials. The dark gray aluminum window profile creates a deepening effect. Part of the walls at the corners of the buildings is faced with anthrocyte porcelain tiles. The two-story volume of the townhouse has the ability to exit to the roof. It is decorated with gray porcelain stoneware under concrete and red brick. The concrete contour protrudes forward, protecting the brick surfaces of the facade. The right side cantilevered on the exit and serves as a visor.
The project provides for unique public spaces that are accessible to all residents of the neighborhood. The main square is adjacent to the pedestrian boulevard and is the venue for celebrations, concerts and fairs. The pond forms around itself a multifunctional recreation area with a beach and a pier, pergolas and barbecue areas. A place of attraction for fans of extreme sports will be a specially designed skate park with "pyramids", "boxes" and "pool".
The symbolic symbol of the projected microdistrict is the "Y" belvedere, the object is an observation platform in the form of an inverted Y at the entrance to the microdistrict. The image of the functional structure is dictated by the visual display of the confluence of the Lena and Kuta rivers.
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