Winner of the Exteria Award 2018

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Winner of the German Design Award 2021
The great separation is yin and yang. The harmony of two opposites. The house consists of two volumes: cold and warm, light and dark.

From the side of the road, the house appears to be concise, protected by a volume of two blank walls.
The house is located on the border of endless fields and dense forests. The entrance to the house is through the light volume of the awning terrace.
It houses a large summer dining room and lounge area overlooking the forest. Such a large percentage of the terrace of the total volume is due to the philosophy of summer relaxation. It is for staying in nature that country houses are being built. In a warm volume - a kitchen-living room, shower room and two bedrooms. Part of the house is one-story - there is a high ceiling and a kitchen-living room. The other part is two-story - there are bedrooms and a shower room. Built-in countertops are immediately made in the bedroom and on the stairs from the CLT panels. Metal piles were used as the foundation. This decision is due to minimal impact on the existing landscape.
The bearing structure of walls and floors - CLT panels. This ensures high installation speed and environmental friendliness. Also, we immediately get the surface of floors and walls that do not require additional interior decoration. Outside the house is insulated with mineral wool plates. On the side of the road sheathed with a metal profiled sheet, on the side of the forest - edged board. The windows are designed in the house in such a way that from the side of the road it seems that they do not exist at all. Panoramic windows in the house are oriented overlooking the forest.
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